Quickly Read My Ecommerce Journey!
Written by Eli Dangerfield in 2019
Image: from @elidangerfield
Image: my first $7,000 day in 2017.
Image: my first $13,900 day in 2018.
For the first time ever, I'm publicly sharing my story on how I got to where I am now, starting with nothing.
*This 27 minute read is VERY worth it. I hope you enjoy reading about my struggles and achievements. You will learn a lot and be inspired.*
Many of you have been asking me recently more than ever,

“Eli, how did you get to where you are now?”

“Do you just leech off rich parents or something? you look like you don’t do anything.”

“Where did you find money to start your businesses?”

“How do I do what you do making money from your laptop?”

And questions like “Did your parents buy you that new Mercedes Benz?” And more…

So this is a story of my journey summarised as short, sharp, and concise as possible - while still giving you all the necessary gory details.

It’s time to set the story straight and answer one of the more common questions I’m asked of how I got to where I am now.

So here it is.

It was the middle of 2016 when I started my first online store.

My internationally acclaimed watch brand, Elmore Lewis, which has now sold thousands of watches to over 24+ different countries, was started in June 2016, when I was just 17 years old, still in high school.

I’m not going to break down the entirety of my life and my childhood like an autobiography, this is simply going to explain my journey with eCommerce, and the opportunity it has provided me with.

Here’s a little bit of backstory as to how I got into this business and got to where I am now…

Ever since I earned my first dollar from my little marketing agency that I started when I was 13 I loved watches. I remember the first deal I ever closed when I was this age, and it was for $1,000 to optimise my dad’s friends website SEO optimisation).

Immediately I went out and bought myself a large tacky Nixon 48:20 watch in gold. In hindsight it was one of the ugliest watches I’d ever seen, but for some reason at the time it looked brilliant to me and I had to have it.

The next time I spent my first pay check on a watch was when I got my part time telemarketing job when I was 16. This time I didn’t buy a big tacky gold watch, but instead purchased a much classier silver and navy Citizen quartz watch. I didn’t get bullied for wearing this one to school, however I can’t say the same regarding the Nixon watch.

Anyway, now you know how much I was into watches.

And if you know me well, you know I love being creative and designing things, so starting a watch brand for me was just natural progression.

Might I add that my first word as a child was “clock” so I guess there were many patterns emerging as a child that pushed me to begin a watch brand.

So, back when I first started in the middle of 2016, the first thing I did was think of a name.

Naturally, I wanted it to sound classy and elegant, yet also premium for the kind of brand I wanted to portray to the world.

After stewing over the name for a few days, I finally decided on “Elmore Lewis”.

For those who don’t already know, the name is a culmination of both mine and my fathers middle names. 

It clicked, sounded good, and I ran with it.

The next step I decided I had to do was prove that there was a viable opportunity in the market for this business of mine.

I went and found top competitors that were doing millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of dollars online a year.

That made me think to myself “Well, if I could just be 1% as good as them, that’s going to totally change my life”

And it’s true, if you find a top online store in a particular niche doing $100,000,000 a year in sales, all you have to do is be 99% dumber than them, and you’re a millionaire.

Just being 1% as smart as someone else can change your life.

Interesting way of thinking about it, right?

So after determining who the top competitors in the market were, I asked myself “Eli, how are you going to differentiate yourself in the market to make people want to buy your watches over the other available brands?”

This is a great question to always ask yourself when launching a new business.

So with that being said, after determining what was going to seperate my brand in a somewhat “crowded” market, I decided to move onwards to the next step.

I needed to get these ideas, these product designs in my head, on paper, and made real.

Here’s how my design process went down:

1) Found 15-20 of the top selling watches from a variety of brands
2) Printed them out, started drawing on them, adding things, erasing things, etc.
3) Specified the product details, for example the size, weight, length, specs etc.
4) Figured out what I wanted my designs to look like on paper
5) Went into a simple image editing program on my computer and made some effect pictures
6) Completed a final render and my design was ready to be manufactured

At this stage, once I had my niche selected, brand name and logo done, point of difference identified, and product designs created, it was time to turn them into a real functional product.

I located a top tier watch manufacturer based overseas through a popular wholesale website, and we discussed the possibility of them manufacturing my watches for Elmore Lewis.

We negotiated on pricing and terms for a few weeks, and settled on a final deal.

I’d pay 30% of the wholesale order up front, and 70% upon completion.

Once I had paid these suppliers some money that I had saved from my telemarketing job when I was 16, I decided it was time to get working on the website.

To build my online store, I chose a platform called Shopify. It basically allows anybody, regardless of tech skills or age, to jump on and build a simple online store to collect payments and sell your products.

As the manufacturer was creating my first order of watches and keeping me updated of their progress along the way, I was slowly putting together my online store. I’m a perfectionist so I when it came to optimising the website to try and look as professional as possible, I was never totally satisfied.

Regardless, a couple months later when my watches arrived at my doorstep I nervously opened my packaging and inspected one of the watches. I was happy with their quality, and they were ready to flood the market.

This was around July of 2016 at this point.

To summarise where I was at now, I had my brand name, my logo, my products, and my website all ready to go. All I needed to do now was go and make some money.

What I hadn’t really taken into account when I started was how I was going to build brand awareness and end up purchasing from my brand as opposed to my competitors.

The missing element was marketing, and having a solid advertising strategy.

So what did I do? I went and studied what the top online stores were doing. I discovered that the reason they were all so highly profitable and successful was due to running social media marketing campaigns.

You know those ads that come up while you’re scrolling Facebook?

Yeah. Those ads are responsible for the creation of a huge number of multi-million dollar online stores. So naturally, I had to go and reverse engineer how they were doing it so I could run some ads for my store.

After briefly playing around with my Facebook ads and setting them up with some simple photos of the watches that my friend and I took, I set up my first ad campaign.

Now the beauty of Facebook ads, if you don’t already know, is that you can begin with any budget you like. 

It can be huge, if you want to reach a wide audience, or if you were like me, poor, and wanted to start out small and scale up - you can do that too.

When I started, I began with just $5 a day in ad spend, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee effectively. 

When you look at it like that, it’s extremely affordable considering you’re able to get your offer in front of thousands of potential buyers for a cup of coffee.

I thought that this would turn on the tap of sales, and I’d be a millionaire. But it didn’t quite work like that.

Days went past, no sales.

A couple weeks went past, no sales.

Everyone at school was starting to see what I was doing and the fact I wasn’t making any money and began poking fun at my idea, saying it was stupid and wouldn’t work and that no one would buy my products “as they suspected”.

It was starting to become apparent that I obviously didn’t have what it takes to start a successful online store like other brands like Gym Shark, HiSmile, Kylie Cosmetics, Fashionova, MVMT Watches, and Daniel Wellington.

Each morning as soon as I woke up, I’d roll over in my bed, pick up my phone and excitedly check my notifications to see if I’d made a sale. Every day that went by without a sale was really putting me in a poor mood.

This continued until a week later, when just like every other morning, I checked my phone.

Today. August 20 2016, I had finally made a sale. I was so excited that it was finally working. The notification on my phone read the following

“Shopify: Elmore Lewis has a new order for 1 product totalling $179.00”

It was like Christmas had come early. Such an adrenaline rush.

I’m telling you right now, coffee can’t wake you up half as much as making your first dollar online.

Literally while I was fast asleep, someone was on their phone, saw my Facebook ad, clicked to my website, and decided to purchase a watch from my store. This all happened without me ever having to pick up the phone to sell anything, or stand in a retail store hassling customers. It was the closest thing to true passive income that I had ever seen.

This was a turning point for me, and gave me the extra push I needed to keep going. 

It finally proved to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that this eCommerce business model was real and was going to make me money. I just had to stick with it until true success.

Coming into the tail end of 2016 now, my business was slowly ticking along, I was probably making about $500-$1,500 a week from my watch brand at this point, which to me, was AMAZING.

It allowed me some time freedom, location freedom, and a tiny taste of financial independence that I had never had before.

Every day that would go by, the more obsessed I became over the insanely massive potential of this business model.

“Selling products online, who knew it would be my ticket to financial freedom…”

Everything was going along fairly smooth for a little while, until I became somewhat complacent with what I was doing. Once again, I got stuck in the comfort zone.

So the universe came along and humbled me right back to square one.

You’re probably asking yourself right now…

“What do you mean back to square one?”

Here’s where the financial and emotional roller coaster really starts for me…

In the beginning of 2017 I was cruising along, making sales, earning some money…

When all of a sudden I open my Shopify dashboard and there’s a notification that I’d received a chargeback. “Oh no…” Was my response.

A chargeback is essentially when a customer purchases something online, the business (me in this case) ships an item to the customer, then the customer calls their bank and claims that they didn’t authorise the purchase.

This results in the bank taking the money back. 

So every time this happens, what it means for me, is that I lose the watch that I sent to that customer, I lose the postage fees I paid, I lose all the money the customer paid, the merchant fees, and then the payment processor charges me another $25 chargeback fee.

For example, on this first chargeback that happened, I lost over one hundred dollars negative on top of losing the money I thought I had made.

I had no idea what all of this meant at the time.

One chargeback is fine in the grand scheme of things in online business… 

“You can’t please everyone” I reassured myself, as I took this one on the chin and moved on. All of a sudden, the next morning I rolled out of bed, checked my phone, and to my horror…

Another chargeback.

Later that day…

Another chargeback.

At this point I was stressing, I was easily agitated, and as you can imagine by now, I was losing money out of my bank account every time this occurred.

The next day, another chargeback.

Go to sleep…

Wake up…

You guessed it, a new chargeback opened.

A few weeks go by. I’m still selling the occasional watch, however I’m actually losing money at the end of the day due to all these chargebacks, so essentially I was spending money on advertising, just to lose more money.

“This has to stop, and it has to stop now” I said to myself, as this issue was slowly diminishing my savings account.

You’re probably thinking to yourself now “Why are you getting all these chargebacks? Surely not all your customers were pissed off with what you were delivering?”

Fair question. That’s what I asked myself too. But as it turns out, It wasn’t just a simple case of a few “unhappy” customers.

It was much deeper, and far more sinister than that. In fact, criminals were making fraudulent purchases on stolen credit cards. Suspiciously, all of these chargebacks were coming from a few different customers in South Africa.

I decided to do some Google searching at that point, in a futile attempt to get to the bottom of all this. As a result, I discovered that South Africa has a very high level of online fraud in comparison to other western countries.

My theory was that there must have been a vast network of scammers in Johannesburg and Cape Town all working together, and doing this with many different online stores.

Once they found out I was sending products to them and they were getting away with using stolen credit cards, they decided to scale up their operation and buy watches from me every few days under different names, a variety of addresses, and stolen credit cards.

So what ultimately ended up happening from this entire ordeal, is that I very quickly sunk to a few thousand dollars in debt with Shopify, owing all this money for chargebacks that I couldn’t repay. My parents were obviously unable to bail me out, so this was totally on me, and I needed to fix it.

As I was still advertising to try make the sales as to cover my debt, I had also racked up an overdue bill from Facebook ads too. I was now thousands of dollars in the hole, out of advertising spend, and quite frankly, out of spirit.

The eCommerce business that had once welcomed me in with open arms, given me a taste of the beautiful laptop lifestyle, had chewed me up, and spit me right back out on the curb again where I started.

Heck, even worse off than when I started.

Every day, a debt recovery specialist from Shopify called ‘Stephanie’ would harass my phone number and email demanding I pay them back in full immediately.

After a week or two, I picked up the phone and pleaded “Stephanie, please bear with me, this was so unexpected, it’s not my fault, and has left me completely broke. Please give me some time to make this money back for you. Please be patient!”

Surprised I had finally picked up the phone again, she retorted “Eli, you need to pay this debt to us soon or we will have to resort to legal action to recoup what you owe.”

My stomach dropped.

How could everything be coming along so nicely one minute, then within the span of several days, I’m now in debt up to the eyeballs and getting threatened with legal action?

Things looked bleak.

I remember being on the verge of tears that night, as I sat awake in my bed. Stressed to the point of almost tearing my hair out.

My Shopify subscription ran out shortly after, so I had no ability to even go out and try message people over Facebook to support my cause and buy my watches.

We are a couple months into 2017 now.

My website was down. My bank account was back to $0 with thousands of dollars in debt still owing to Shopify and Facebook, and I was yet to figure out a plan as to how I was going to recover from this horrible mess.

I panicked and thought about having to go get a job, which was, at the end of the day, a totally reasonable option for me to get some money in. However, I knew that I had been able to make money for myself before, so there should be nothing stopping me from doing it again.

So I decided to start doing some freelance photography and videography work for brands to get some money coming in to pay this debt.

I quickly landed my first paying client for $1,250 from an Adelaide based beverage brand, and then I got another job from a jewellery company for $1,750. A few more jobs later doing content creation for brands and I had saved some money together.

In a couple of months I had finally been able to clear up this debt with Shopify and my Facebook ads account and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Many more months went by in 2017, where I kept creating content for other brands, including other succeeding online stores, and I couldn’t keep thinking to myself

“Seriously, what makes all these people that much smarter than me?”

“Why did I fail, yet these people are succeeding and making loads of cash?”

The answer turned out to be simple. The reason people are successful is because they follow a proven roadmap and strategy to get where they want to be, and they never give up, no matter what gets in their way.

After dealing with some freelance videography clients who didn’t pay invoices for weeks and months past the due date, I started envying all the people running eCommerce stores once again. The non-stop stress of having to be constantly begging for work, producing the content, editing it together, receiving feedback, only to end up having to start from scratch again, and then chasing up payments every single day got to me.

One day, I literally had to go see a lawyer and file court documents on a videography client who just kept stringing me along saying I’d get paid, and would constantly lie about when I’d receive the monies owed. After that meeting, when I was walking out of the law firm I thought to myself “This isn’t what I signed up for. I’m creative. I didn’t want to be involved in chasing up invoices, I didn’t get into freelance work to be a debt collector.”

On the drive home, I had an epiphany.

I was going to revive ‘Elmore Lewis’ from the online store graveyard, do it right, go hard, play full out, and never give up again. I was so determined to make this work.

In that moment I was so fed up of basically trading my time for money as a freelance content creator. I craved that feeling of total freedom once again.

The beauty of running a highly profitable online store is that it didn’t matter if I was sitting on a beach sipping a banana smoothie, whether I was fast asleep, eating at a cafe, or even watching a movie, I was getting sales and making money, around the clock.

The next few weeks were a blur. I had some money saved up again from my content creation work, and was ready to go ALL IN on eCommerce once again.

I revived my website, and gave it a face lift with the help of a new Shopify pre-built theme.

I went back to my original watch manufacturer with some brand new designs I had created, with an even higher level of quality. This included more Swiss components, and the request for Italian leather bands. The packaging got another upgrade as well, and I ordered more stock this time.

I was making it happen.

Another couple of months went by, and my watches arrived. I was stoked, they were great. I had far more styles and varieties as well, with more options for customers to choose from.

I immediately knew that for me to stand out and be the best, most exciting new watch brand in Australia, I had to be far better at marketing.

This is where I got creative. No other watch brand has ever done this, and I believe they haven’t topped this still to this day.

I negotiated to do a video campaign and photo shoot on a couple private jets, so I flew my girlfriend Meg, and my friend Alex out to Sydney with me to shoot. I had also organised another few models to arrive at the private jet runway so we could get the shoot done in one afternoon. After flying to Sydney that Thursday, shooting all afternoon, and arriving back home in Adelaide that same day - I had some content.

The next step was to throw a yacht party. However, I wasn’t able to get a yacht on such urgent terms. So the next best thing was a catamaran. I hired the catamaran for $1,200 for 2 hours, and invited a couple dozen people to be part of this marketing campaign. We shot a bunch of new videos and photos that I could use both in my advertising, and on the website itself.

Now that I had all this new world class content, the website was polished, looking sleek, and all my new products were ready to sell, I needed to jump back into advertising.

I ended up playing around myself with the ads again, and unlike the year prior, saw zero results.

I quickly cut my losses on this first ad campaign, still with no idea what I was really doing, and decided I had come this far, why not hire a reputable advertising agency to manage my ads for me? That’s exactly what I did.

After asking around, and seeing some “case studies” for this agency. I got onto a video call with one particular agency who I will not name.

We spoke about what I had done, my story, how they work, and they basically promised me we’d be able to sell out $150,000 worth of watches by the end of the year if they managed my Facebook ads. Now, I guess I was somewhat naive just assuming they’d be able to do that for me, but they wanted to charge me $4,000 a month as a retainer, plus they demanded me to commit $300 per day in advertising spend. If you do the maths, this means they wanted a commitment of $14K per month.

I was way out of my depth. But I was so committed to making this work, so I agreed, on the assumption that we’d be able to sell me out of watches over Christmas. 

At this point I only had about $6,000 left to my name that I had saved doing freelance photography work, so I agreed to go ahead with this agency. 

I transferred them their retainer fee, and did the maths on the remainder of my savings account. I could afford just a couple weeks of ad spend before I was flat broke again if for whatever reason we didn’t make sales.

The ad campaigns got built out and launched shortly after. I waited for them to magically start making me $1,000+ per day at least. However days went by, and they had only generated me a couple of sales. I was definitely in the negative. Another few weeks, and I had yet to make any money back. As the campaigns progressed, we started making some money, but it was still losing me money every single day.
More time passed, and coming into November it was time for me to pay them another $4,000 instalment for managing my ad campaigns. I was shocked they’d still be trying to take money from me when all they’ve done is lose me money. But I didn’t read the fine print of the agreement, and there was no money-back guarantee if what they were selling didn’t work.

I had to pay them, or they threatened to take legal action.

This sucked. 

Throughout the time when they were running ads on my behalf I was still out there trying to finish some freelance photo and video jobs just to get money that I’d be essentially throwing into the bin with this advertising agency.

So I pretty much emptied my account back to $350 after I sent their final retainer payment over and cancelled our contract. After all this time, sweat, money, energy, and effort, all I had to show for it was a few more customers, and a lot less money in my bank account.

It was Christmas Day 2017 now. 

As you can tell I wasn’t having the most festive of seasons.

I woke up, and couldn’t be bothered celebrating Christmas with my family. I was once again feeling dejected, fragile, and helpless. Everything I thought would work, just put me back to square one, again and again.

That afternoon, I decided to have one last ditch attempt to go ALL IN and give “Elmore Lewis” one final push before calling it quits and throwing in the towel.

I studied the advertising campaigns that this advertising agency had run for me, and there were so many spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, incorrect emojis, broken links, poorly chosen images and more.

Going through everything had my jaw on the floor. I won’t go into any further detail but the lesson learned here is: “No matter how much you pay an agency, they do not give a shit about your business compared to you.”

So that afternoon I built out a brand new advertising structure, created a different offer, used some different imagery, and set up my last ditch ads campaign.

My plan was to run a Boxing Day Sale, and give people a limited time discount code to save a percentage off their purchase.

I set my total daily budget for my Facebook ads to be $350, the exact same amount left in my savings account. As I said, this was truly my last ditch effort to make this work.

I turned on the ads, and by that time it was around 9:00pm in the evening before Boxing Day.

My girlfriend and I got into bed, and I tried to go straight to sleep, trying to escape from the reality of what was happening around me.

A couple hours later, I was almost asleep, when my phone suddenly made the all too familiar, yet not familiar enough “cha ching” sound effect.

The first sale from these new ads had been made!

My girlfriend was still awake watching Netflix, and shook me and said

“Eli, you just made a sale! Wake up!”

I was still upset about everything, and in my state of being half asleep, shrugged her off and tried to go back to sleep again.

I woke up in the morning, went and checked my phone anxiously, and there were some sales on my lock screen.

“Shopify: Elmore Lewis has a new order for 1 product totalling $143.20 - 2 mins ago"

“Shopify: Elmore Lewis has a new order for 1 product totalling $151.20 - 45 mins ago”

“Shopify: Elmore Lewis has a new order for 3 products totalling $303.40 - 3 hours ago” etc.

I was once again shocked to the core, it woke me up, and I jolted upright in my bed. 

My girlfriend was still asleep, so I couldn’t say anything yet. I quickly typed in my passcode, opened up the Shopify app and saw I had made over $1,700 while sleeping already.

Over the entire day, I never once checked how much I had spent on my advertising campaigns because I was legitimately petrified I had added another zero to my ad budget accidentally ($3,500).

I remember I finally bit the bullet and checked my advertising spend that evening.

I had spent about $320 so far.

Guess how much I ended up making that day?

I had made almost $7,000 in less than 24 hours.

This was the day it all changed for me. December 26 2017. 

The day when I knew, that the only limit on what you can achieve with this eCommerce business model is the limits you place on yourself. Because the customers are out there, and all you need to do is follow the right process and you’ll convert these potential buyers, into raving customers.

That evening as I was closing in on my $7,000 day, the world seemed to sing again. I remember driving to McDonalds to get myself a Coffee Frappe and some fries as a treat for having such a great day, and even while driving, my phone kept making sales…

“Shopify: Elmore Lewis has a new order for 1 product totalling $143.20 - just now"

Once again, I was feeling happy. I was content, and I finally had a smile on my face.

Who knows… if it wasn’t for all the intense trials and tribulations over the last year trying to start and grow my online store, and having to face all these challenges head on, would the Boxing Day results have ever happened, and would I be where I am today without the struggles?

Probably not. I am grateful for all the difficult times that had led me up to making $7,000 in a single day.

The good news is, it didn’t stop there. Over the course of the next five days, I ended up making another $21,000 before the beginning of 2018.

My perspective had shifted. No longer was I trying to just squeeze a couple sales a day from my store, if I kept up this momentum I’d have a thriving online store like MVMT and Daniel Wellington in no time.

I ran another ad campaign for New Years coming into 2018, and that did really well as well. Then over the coming months I finally got to start enjoying the fruits of my labour. 

I was able to place another large order of watches, travel around the world, visit some beautiful locations, fly around on a chartered private jet, meet some incredible people, and most importantly, love what I do and get paid for it.

Having all these new sales and customers was allowing me to build quite a sizeable database that I could send promotional emails to, and I hadn’t yet really taken advantage of it. So I thought to myself…

“Alright, you’re having some success selling these classic style watches. How about changing the game, and designing a new watch, and selling a limited edition run of them?”

So that’s exactly what I did. 

I wanted to bring something totally different to the market and launch it with a new strategy. This new watch was something I knew people wanted from my market research, yet had no clue where to get it from, because no one was doing it yet.

This was the birth of my best selling “Voyager Chronograph Collection” from Elmore Lewis.

I spent a long time designing these watches, ordering samples, refining the style and functionality, and coming up with a watch that was both practical, comfortable, and reliable - but also, in my opinion… The MOST stylish looking watch on the market at the best price point.

My plan for launching this was to do a pre-order, so that I’d never be out of pocket for this order of watches. I calculated my costs and profit margins, and determined my BEP (break even point) that if I could sell XYZ watches, then I could pay my manufacturer and everything else that came after that would be effectively straight profit.

I got some final samples in. I followed the same advertising structure and strategy that I had used in my previously successful campaigns, and also added email marketing into the mix.

After several emails hyping my customer database up about the new watches coming soon, and gauging their feedback, with tons of email replies from prior customers “begging” me to release them ASAP and let people buy, I decided it was time to go live with this launch.

Within a little over a week of going live, I had gotten enough pre-orders on these new designs so I could send the money over to my manufacturer and get them made with no out of pocket costs.

A couple months later, coming into August of 2018, all of the watches arrived. 

They were stunning. Everything was perfect. I was so happy.

I shipped them out to our customers using Australia Post eParcel service as per usual, and started getting more five star reviews than ever on these new products.

I now knew it was time to take them to market in a big way, and run some more specific advertising campaigns to sell more of these watches. So I did, and I had two styles sell out extremely quickly, making $10’s of thousands of dollars per style.

I kept running Facebook ads, sending emails, using Instagram Influencers and optimising the well-oiled machine that is my eCommerce store to make me more money.

As I kept learning more, and seeing great results, more people kept messaging me on Instagram and Facebook looking to get help and advice on starting their own online businesses. After a while, it took up a lot of my time connecting and continuing to give the same advice over and over to different people, so I decided to create a program.

The program breaks down all the steps behind how to start & grow your own highly profitable online store without any prior experience or huge up front costs needed.

As I kept recording and uploading new content and strategies into my program, and enrolling new students, they started seeing some great results as well.

At this point in time, we are approaching Q4 of 2018, which if you don’t know is basically the final quarter of the year, meaning the timeframe between October, November and December.

In the retail and online shopping industry, this is regarded as the busiest time of thee year when it comes to consumers buying things, due to shopping events like Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years and more.

For someone like myself, running an online store, this is the time of year where I make the most money, compared to the rest of the year.

Now, I believe I had around thirty coaching students or so in my program at this point as well from memory, and I was sharing my personal strategies and plans on how I planned to dominate Black Friday of 2018.

Ultimately, I took the same strategies that have been working for me over the last year, and applied them into my new advertising campaign for Black Friday. For my 6FBA students, I was able to break down the step-by-step process to setting up, and executing the exact marketing campaign that got me the results I’m about to share with you.
Video: A screen recording near the end of my $45K Black Friday Weekend in 2018. At this point in time I had made like $41.7K in 72 hours.
Over the course of the Black Friday weekend, I personally generated over $45,000 in less than 4 days, with only a few thousand dollars in advertising spend. This momentum continued into the next week as well as I cleared another $18,000 quite quickly, selling me out of many popular watch styles.

The results weren’t just significant and life changing for ONLY me either…

My advertising strategies have been proven to work for many of my students as well, with students hitting their first $1,000 days, $5,000 weeks, and $10,000 months. 

A few of my students have even hit $30K months, $40K months, and my top student recently made over $21,000 in a SINGLE DAY himself, just by following the exact same strategies I’ve given to all my students inside of “6 Figure Brand Academy”.

Now, Q4 doesn’t just stop at Black Friday, it continues into Christmas, Boxing Day, and the New Year. So over that period my students and I collectively generated hundreds of thousands of dollars using a select few proven tactics that I share inside my program.

At this stage, coming into early 2019, my watch brand isn’t the only eCommerce store that I run. I’m growing a few other brands and some dropshipping stores right now as well, which I will be sharing the names of as they become bigger and solidify there position in the marketplace.

Having created an exciting, empowered community of aspiring entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs who all want to level up, my program has been able to take anyone, and give them the shortcut to success in online business.

Just like you’ve read in this brief summary of my eCommerce journey, I’ve gone through this process the HARD way, learned from my mistakes, and figured out what works and what doesn’t…

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I desperately wish that I had access to someone like myself when I first started in eCommerce to walk me through what to do, what not to do, give me feedback, and hold my hand until I was successful. I’d be lightyears ahead by now if I’d had the chance to work with someone already doing this in real life.

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Thanks for reading my summary of how I got into eCommerce and got to where I am today.

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Kind regards,
Eli Dangerfield
Some recent student results from inside the 6FBA private mastermind community!